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The Evolution Of A Comic

The Evolution Of A Comic published on No Comments on The Evolution Of A Comic

I’ve always loved comic strips – not comic books, so much, although I have read a few. No, it’s the newspaper comics that I grew up with that always captured my imagination. Things like Blondie, and Beetle Bailey, and The Wizard of Id, and Hagar the Horrible always fascinated me. Maybe it was the combination of art and writing. Maybe it was the way they communicated an idea so quickly and succinctly. Whatever it was, I was hooked. And I always wanted to draw my own.

Over the years I made a few attempts. But I was never happy with what I produced. In retrospect, the missing element was a theme. What I really needed was a good idea, one that would give me something to write about, and be funny about, time after time, day after day. But it never seemed to come.

At some point, I think I gave up. I quit drawing, and I quit thinking about doing my own strip. Then I realized one day that what I really wanted to do was express my faith through my art.

Quickly I realized that I didn’t want to do a comic about church, about how long the pastor’s sermons are, about church suppers and idiosyncratic parishioners. That ground was well tilled. I wanted to do something new. But what?

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