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Creating A Character

Creating A Character published on No Comments on Creating A Character

Good characters are essential to good fiction, even when it’s something as visual as a graphic novel.

The characters I’m creating for this new work of fiction are ones that I want to be able to use again. I’m planning that this story will become a series. So that means I have to design my characters carefully. And since it’s a graphic novel, I have to not just consider their personalities, I also need to think about appearance. I realize that all authors probably think about the appearance of their characters, but I have to draw mine. That means that I need to design characters that look like they go together, that are easily distinguishable from each other, and that I enjoy drawing.

For my first story I thought I should start with the protagonist first. So, this is Mayor Prayor.
Mayor Prayor
He looks a little rough right now, but, overall, I’m happy with the design. I can refine it later.

Mayor Prayor is the mayor of a little town called Pyonder. He loves his town and he’ll do anything for it. How far he’s willing to go will be tested in this first story.

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