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About Crux Comix

My name is Scott Thomas. I’m a Christian living in the midwestern United States and I’m passionate about Christian apologetics, comic strips, and communicating the gospel through the arts. At one time, Christianity was very influential in the creative world, but today the arts are almost wholly owned by the secular world. And the morals and messages conveyed in contemporary movies, music, and fiction are becoming further and further removed from Christian values all the time.

It’s time Christians stepped up and engaged the culture through art and entertainment. We have a message that isn’t being heard among all the explosions, adultery, and sexual innuendo in the movies and on television. We can be, as J. Warner Wallace puts it, Christian translators, making the message of the Bible and the many reasons to believe in a sovereign creator, engaging and accessible. It’s up to the creatives among us to reach out in new ways to people who have no intention of ever setting foot inside a church.

So Crux Comix is about examining the world, life, religion, and worldviews, from a Christian perspective. Feel free to comment, and even to disagree. Just remember to be respectful and fair, and have a little fun along the way.

Why Comix With An “X”?

In the 1960s the underground comics movement was started by people who wanted to be able to say things and and draw pictures of things that couldn’t appear in comic books that were sold in normal retail outlets. These artists and publishers adopted the spelling “comix” for their work. The “x” symbolized the x-rated, or adult-oriented, nature of these comics. Over time the term comix came to refer to any comic from an underground publisher or aimed at an adult audience, whether it contained pornographic content or not.

The authors of these comix wanted to take a stand against what they saw as the “establishment,” the prevailing culture of the time, much of it influenced by Christianity. In the spirit of the original comix artists, I want to take a stand against the new establishment which is demonstrating itself to be lacking in answers for today’s problems, shallow in its beliefs, shortsighted, and morally bankrupt. Biblical Christianity alone can rescue us from the situation our society is in.

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