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The Temple Made of Lego Bricks

The Temple Made of Lego Bricks published on No Comments on The Temple Made of Lego Bricks

Take a look at this remarkably detailed model of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, also known as Herod’s Temple, made entirely of Lego bricks. The robes on some of the figures are obviously hand made and there are a few deliberate anachronisms – guys with laptop computers, musicians with modern electronic instruments, etc. Pretty amazing.



What’s In A Name?

What’s In A Name? published on No Comments on What’s In A Name?

I like to play with words, to have fun with them. So when I started this story project I knew I wanted to use names that had some depth, that meant something, that incorporated word play.

The starting point for my names was my setting. It’s a small town. Matt Groening chose the name Springfield for his town in The Simpsons. Springfield sounds so generic it could be just about anywhere in the United States. I knew I didn’t want that. I wanted something unusual.

I tried things like Smithereens and Cahoots, but they didn’t really mean anything. They’re just words. And I realized that I also wanted something with a Christian influence, but not so blatant that it hit people over the head. Then it came to me, I’d call my town Pyonder.

“Pyonder?” you say. “What’s that mean?”

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Creating A Character

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Good characters are essential to good fiction, even when it’s something as visual as a graphic novel.

The characters I’m creating for this new work of fiction are ones that I want to be able to use again. I’m planning that this story will become a series. So that means I have to design my characters carefully. And since it’s a graphic novel, I have to not just consider their personalities, I also need to think about appearance. I realize that all authors probably think about the appearance of their characters, but I have to draw mine. That means that I need to design characters that look like they go together, that are easily distinguishable from each other, and that I enjoy drawing.

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